Central Cleaning System

Many plants using foam cleaning apply it using mobile systems which fall into two categories:

Trolley mounted pressurised vessels which rely on a cleaning operative to make up the foaming solution to the correct strength and require a separate hose to be used for rinsing.

High pressure cleaners which are fitted with a foaming device and still rely heavily on high pressure to do the cleaning.

Both of these have major drawbacks and require long length of air and water hose to be connected during cleaning.

Although mobile foam cleaners do have a role to play in smaller plants the best solution for most sites is a central cleaning system with strategically located cleaning stations. Central cleaning systems allow water pumps, compressors, and chemical products to be kept out of production areas.

All Process Cleaners central cleaning systems feature foaming and low to medium pressure rinsing using the same hose. The DS S 2F Foam Station has a built-in flush facility while DS S 3F Foam Station has the additional facility of allowing a sanitizer or disinfectant to be introduced during the final stages of rinsing.

Process Cleaners can supply central cleaning systems to meet the requirements of all food and beverage plants. Each system is custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the plant and are built using the same proven components.

Central cleaning systems can comprise a combination of manual filling stations and automated cleaning locations all fed from the same basic infrastructure.